Quality health workforce professional education programs are provided below.
Real Talk About Influenza Vaccine Safety: Be Informed and Be Prepared
Source: Link
Provider: CDC and Medscape
Professional CEUs: Physicians and Nurses can earn CME/CNE credit (.50)
Method: Video, Slides, Audio
Completion Time: 30 minutes
Description: The goals of this program are to educate clinicians on the safety profiles of licensed influenza vaccines, safe administration of influenza vaccines and screening for contraindications and precautions, resources available for communicating benefits and risks of influenza vaccination, and the accurate and timely reporting of any adverse events to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).
Immunization: You Call the Shots – Module 5: Influenza
Source: Link
Provider: CDC
Professional CEUs: 1.5 CNE, 1.5 CME, 1.5 CHES, 1 CEU
Method: Online module
Completion Time: 1-2 hours
Description: The goals of this program are for the participant to be able todescribe influenza including the causative agent; list the groups at highest risk; identify those for whom routine immunization is recommended; describe characteristics of the vaccine used to prevent this disease. (Characteristics may include schedule, contraindications and/or adverse reactions.)
Making the Case for Vaccine Safety: A New Model for Communicating with Parents
Source: Link
Provider: University at Albany School of Public Health
Professional CEUs: 1.0 CME, 1.0 CHES
Method: Archived webinar
Completion Time: 1 hour
Description: The goals of this program are to describe the science of autism and the latest research regarding autism, address barriers to communication and the top parental concerns regarding vaccines and to introduce how to apply the CASE model to effectively respond to frequently asked questions about vaccine safety and autism awareness.
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