Quality health workforce professional education programs are provided below.
Communicate Better to Protect Your Community in a Crisis
Source: Link
Provider: Upper Midwest Center for Public Health Preparedness, Learning Management System, School of Public Health, University of Iowa
Professional CEUs: 1.0 CHES, 1.0 CNE, 1.0 CME
Method: Archived webcast
Completion Time: 1 hour
Description: The goal of this program is to help emergency responders and public information professionals learn to use the best approaches and tools to exercise quality communication before, during and after an emergency.
Risk Communication for Community Health Centers
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Provider: University at Albany School of Public Health
Professional CEUs: University at Albany School of Public Health
Method: Online module
Completion Time: 2 hours
Description: This program provides an overview of the principles and practices of risk communication and practical ways to use these concepts to better communicate in an emergency situation. After completing the program, participants will be able to describe risk and crisis communication goals, principles, target audiences, techniques, and tools for high stress/high concern situations; describe why emotions and values often take precedence over logic and fact in an emergency, and how to address these issues by using well-tested risk communication principles; describe the steps in creating risk and crisis communication message maps; describe what makes a good messenger; describe steps to take when working with small groups, community gatherings, or the media.
Risk Communication
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Provider: North Carolina Center for Public Health Preparedness
Professional CEUs: .5 CNE
Method: Online module
Completion Time: 45 minutes
Description: The goals of this program are for the participant to be able to discuss the basic tenets of emergency risk communication, identify actions one can take to be informed, and explain the role of a virtual joint information center (virtual JIC).
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