Why do you get vaccinated for influenza?
I get vaccinated for Influenza to protect myself, my family and my colleagues from influenza.

Do you think influenza is a serious disease?
Influenza is a serious disease and can have potentially fatal consequences.

Why do you think it is important for people in your line of work to get vaccinated?
It is important for all clinical personnel as well as public health personnel to get vaccinated so that they as well as those they provide services to can be protected from Influenza.

Why is it important for health care workers to get vaccinated for influenza each year?
Health care workers are particularly vulnerable to the various strains of influenza in circulation every year because of the frequency of exposure to patients. They must get vaccinated every year so that the annually re-constituted influenza vaccine provides coverage against all the virus strains in circulation during that season.

Do you think it is safe to get vaccinated for influenza?
The influenza vaccine is perfectly safe.

Dr. Faisal Khan, MBBS, MPH
Director, Saint Louis County Department of Public Health.

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