Why do you get vaccinated for influenza?
To prevent being infected and getting sick from the flu virus. Although, most people realize this, what they don’t realize is that they can be carriers & may get a mild sickness since they are healthy and pass the virus to others who do not have good immune systems or have other underlying conditions (diabetes, heart condition, etc.) that can make getting the flu deadly. My motto is “It’s not all about you – Don’t pass the flu”!

Do you think influenza is a serious disease?
Health care personnel (HCP) come in contact with “sick” people every day. So not only will getting vaccinated keep them from becoming ill, it will also prevent them from passing on the virus to those who are the most vulnerable (diabetics, elderly, infants, those with respiratory diseases like asthma, etc.).

If we think about the fact that HCP are needed even more when flu outbreaks occur, then we can see how important it is to keep the HCP healthy and working to care for those that really need our help.

Why is it important for health care workers to get vaccinated for influenza each year?
It is very important that HCP do not pass on the flu to their patients. Even if we think we are healthy and can fight off the flu, we can be carriers and pass onto others who are not healthy and could be included in the statistics that were stated previously.

Have you ever had or heard of a bad event after someone has not gotten vaccinated for influenza?
Symptoms of influenza may include fever, headaches, extreme tiredness, cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, and body aches, which can disrupt your work and social plans for up to 2 weeks!

Do you think it safe to get influenza vaccine?
YES! All vaccines have potential side effects; however, most people who receive the influenza vaccine do not develop serious problems. The most common side effects of the vaccine include minor soreness or redness at the site of the shot and mild general symptoms.

Rebecca Hefele, Pharmacist
Foundation Care Pharmacy

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