Resources for Cost Effectiveness and Benefit Analysis Of Health Care Workforce Influenza Vaccination

Below are examples of educational pamphlets, posters, fact sheets and other informational resources on health care worker vaccination programs and campaigns.

Costs and Benefits of Influenza Vaccination and Work Productivity in a Columbian
Company from the Employer’s Perspective

Morales, A., Martinez, M.M., Tasset-Tisseau, A., Rey, E., Baron-Papillon, F., and Follet, A., 2004

Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Strategy to Vaccinate Healthy Working Adults Against Influenza
Nichol, K.L., 2001

Nichol, K.L., Mallon, K.P., and Mendelman, P.M., 2003
Columbo, G.L., Ferro, A., Vinci, M., Zordan, M., Serra, G., 2006

Economic Analysis of Influenza Vaccination and Antiviral Treatment for Healthy Working Adults
Lee, P.Y., Matchar, D.B., Clements, D.A., Huber, J., Hamilton, J.D., and Peterson, E.D, 2002

Economic Costs of Influenza-Related Work Absenteeism
Akazawa, M., Sindelar, J.L., Paltiel, D.A., 2003

The Economic Impact of Pandemic Influenza in the United States: Priorities for Intervention
The Economic Impact of Pandemic Influenza in the United States: Priorities for Intervention

Effectiveness of Influenza Vaccine in Health Care Professionals
Wilde, J.A., McMillan, J.A., Serwint, J., Butta, J., O’Riordan, M.A., and Steinhoff, M.C., 1999

The Effectiveness of Vaccination Against Influenza in Healthy, Working Adults
Nichol, K.L., et. al., 1995

Call to Action: Influenza Immunization Among Health Care Personnel
National Foundation for Infection Diseases, 2008

Influenza Vaccination of Health Care Workers in Long-Term-Care Hospitals Reduces the Mortality of Elderly Patients
Potter, J., et. al., 1997

Requiring Influenza Vaccination for Health Care Workers: Seven Truths We Must Accept
Poland, G.A., Tosh, P., Jacobson, R.M., 2005

Sickness Absence Following a Campaign of Vaccination Against Influenza in the Workplace
Leighton, L., Williams, M., Aubery, D., and Parker, S.H., 1996

Vaccinating Healthcare Workers Against Influenza to Protect the Vulnerable - Is It a Good Use of Healthcare Resources?: A Systematic Review of the Evidence and an Economic Evaluation
Burls, A., et. al., 2006

Vaccination Versus Treatment of Influenza in Working Adults: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
Rothberg, M.B., Rose, D.N., 2005

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Health:
A Practical Approach
Second Edition, San Francisco, CA, John Wiley and Sons

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