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To increase influenza vaccination rates among health care workers by providing their leaders with the best possible resources to create scientifically sound employee immunization policies and implement education campaigns that reduce misinformation and perceived barriers.

Current Weekly Influenza Report 2019-2020   


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Influenza Vaccination Reports/Guidance
References to aid in the development of an influenza vaccination campaign for health care personnel.

Campaign Models
Examples that have been effective in increasing influenza vaccination rates.

Organizational Campaign Timeline
Breakdown of strategies to launch a successful campaign.

Professional Education
A selection of free online professional education opportunities.

CDC - Seasonal Flu - What's New

CDC - Selecting Viruses for the Seasonal Influenza Vaccine

The New England Journal of Medicine - Preventing and Controlling Influenza with Available Interventions

The New England Journal of Medicine - Pregnancy and Infection

The Influence of Contact with Children, Contact with Healthcare Professionals, and Age on Influenza Vaccine Uptake

Influenza Illness and Hospitalizations Averted by Influenza Vaccination in the United States, 2005–2011

CDC Reports About 90 Percent of Children Who Died From Flu This Season Not Vaccinated

Prevention and Control of Seasonal Influenza with Vaccines: Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices — United States, 2013–2014

FDA approves first 4-in-1 flu vaccine

CDC Recommendations for Influenza Antiviral Medications
Seasonal Flu Vaccination - Why Don't More Americans Get It?
Saint Louis County Department of Health Urges All Residents to Get Vaccinated against the Seasonal Flu

SAINT LOUIS COUNTY, MO – (September 27, 2011) Flu season has arrived and the Saint Louis County Department of Health is urging all residents six months of age and older be vaccinated against the seasonal flu.       Read More >>

Saint Louis County Department of Health to expand the number of residents covered by Workplace Points of Dispensing (PODs)
PandemicPrep.Org was engaged by St. Louis County Department of Health to expand the number of residents covered by Workplace Points of Dispensing (PODs) that distribute life-saving medications in the event of a bio-terrorism attack. PandemicPrep.Org created the Bio-Defense Network and began a rigorous effort to recruit large businesses, educational institutions, and organizations to host Workplace PODs. Starting with 27% coverage, the effort succeeded in increasing the coverage to nearly 70%. For more information see www.biodefensenetwork.org.

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